Same person; worlds apart

In the mid '70s, my spouse and I were visiting Greece and took a bus tour that lasted a few days. Everyone on the tour was in pairs, except for one single man. We ended up spending time with him, eating at the same table, walking with him, etc. He was Austrian. We are Canadian and at that time were living in central Canada. The tour ended; we didn't stay in touch. Several years later, my spouse and I, by then living in western Canada, were hiking in the back country near Jasper, Alberta when we rounded a corner and came across three people standing at a fork in the trail, looking at maps. It became apparent two of them were trying to answer the questions of the third. We knew the trails and were able to answer his question. He thanked us and, as we turned to walk away, he said: Have you ever been to Greece? It was the guy from our tour.
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