Same name, friends

So I was texting with this person on an app called Wattpad and we had the same name no big deal. But then we talked a little more and turns out they had a best friend with the same name as mine. A little strange. Then I asked about some people I knew, and they described them just how I know them. It started to creep me out. So they told me their husband's name, and that boy goes to my school and I don't like him. Then I asked what sports have they played, and they said soccer. I have played soccer. And then I asked if they knew a person who I knew was moving in seventh grade. And they said they knew a person who was in middle school but left. They said that they still talk a lot. I talk a lot with that friend. All the friends I asked her had the same names and same characteristics, like short, plays the violin. It started to creep me out. So I asked about their last name. They said they were married twice, and the put two last names and their original last name. That original last name was my last name. I was very scared. And I started crying because I thought they stole my life. They had the same first and last name as me and named their baby my middle name. They have friends that have my friend's names, and their qualities and what they do. Like their hair color.
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