Same Book, Same time

I was in my bathroom and saw a book on the back of my toilet. I had read the book before, and I enjoyed it so I thought I should read it again sometime. I then started running other books through my head that I’ve read that I would possibly want to read again. “Ooo, The Shack! That was a good one, I should read that again.” Then for some reason I thought “I wonder if Haley (a friend of mine) has read it? I think she’d like it. So I texted her and asked if she’d read the shack? She replies almost instantly in as much shock as I was. She was reading the book when I asked her this!! How?? I could have thought of that book at any point, and asked her that question at any point since we’ve know each other (4 years or so) and I happen to ask in the exact moment she is reading the book.
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