Roderick M

1) In 1983 I attended a one-week seminar in Donaueschingen. The seminar was held in French, but attracted teachers of languages in the main from various European countries, including Germany, where I once lived and worked. When on the course, I met Alfons G, from Germany, who also was a teacher of modern languages. He gave me his address and said I was welcome to stay at their house in Germany. A year later I was in East Berlin for three days, walking in the centre, when I saw a familiar head. I went up to this person. It was Alfons G. 2) In 1989 I spent a week hiking on Rothesay and bought a book on local hikes written by a geography teacher from Dumfries called W. Dumfries Academy, where he had taught, was also where an uncle of mine had taught at the same time. In addition, I had been at St. Andrews University in the 1970s where I lived at St. Salvator's Hall as did Ian Walton, son of the said teacher. Ian, by the way, went to lecture in maths at UCLA. Returning from the holiday on Rothesay along Sauchiehall Street, I immediately recognised and spoke to Ian W, who had just returned from LA for his summer vacation and whom I had not seen since 1970 at St. Andrews. 3. When up on Skye in 1985, my wife and I were standing in a ruined church when my wife said she wondered what my grave would look like. I turned round and the name Roderick M, my name, was on the first gravestone I looked at. My family is actually from Kintail on my father's side, and the name Roderick is quite common up there, however, as is my surname. Roderick M
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