Rings on their fingers....

Yesterday my brother called and told me he had found a music track I had been trying to find for decades - Follow Me by Amanda Lear. He had also mentioned '7 years in Tibet' the film with Brad Pitt. In watching the videom I remarked that Paul O'Grady as Lily Savage might have been able to do a good version of it as the song is done in a camp style. After he left,Judge John Deeds was on TV which featured Simon Ward. I remarked to my partner that Simon looked like Martin Jarvis from the series "Rings on their fingers". The same episode featured actor Donald Sinden. Later that afternoon I switched channels to an old episode of Blankety Blank to find none other than Paul O'Grady hosting as his alter ego Lily Savage,and who was one of the celebs on the panel but Donald Sinden. In the short period that I paid attention to the episode,one of the questions was to fill in the blank for 'Bells on their...blank'. Which of course connects to 'Rings on their fingers' (Martin Jarvis) 'Bells on their toes' (Lily Savage). In the evening,the film '7 years in Tibet' came on which features Brad Pitt and David Thewlis. I remarked during the picture that I thought the name of the actor was 'David Threllfall' - which turned out to be wrong when I looked it up. Knock we down with a feather - later that evening I noticed a film called 'ARK' and turned over to find none other than David Threllfall playing Noah. Even more bizarrely,I had been discussing the recent weather events in the USA online,and the floods and global warming, and of course NOAA is the advisory agency over the weather. All of this came after a discussion I was having about Jung's views on Synchronicity. http://leebor2.100webspace.net/conn3.html
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