Right Time and Right Place to Claim my Photo

When I graduated from university in Ireland in 1988, as well as the official photographer, there was a freelancer doing the rounds and offering a good deal so my family decided to get some additional shots with him. We paid him, gave him our details, got his card, and waited for the photos to arrive by post. When, after a considerable amount of time, they did not arrive, I called the number on the card and got no reply. I wrote to him (this was 1988, no email) and got no reply. Having tried unsuccessfully for months to contact him I chalked it up to experience and forgot about it. One day about 18 months later I was wandering through the grounds of Trinity College, Dublin on my way to somewhere when I saw the photographer taking some photos of tourists. I went up to him and confronted him about the money paid and the non-appearance of the photos. 'Hold on,' he said. He reached into his satchel, took out my photos, and handed them to me.
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