Restaurant Plates

My wife and I (Mr & Mrs Dunn) were eating in a Thai restaurant with our friends Mr & Mrs Bennett, in Twickenham around 10 years ago. None of us had been there before. My wife occasionally picks up a restaurant plate and peers underneath to find out the manufacturer if, as a student of crafts, textiles and ceramics, the design interests her. This time she absent-mindedly turned over a side plate and found the maker was... Dunn Bennett & Co. Not just one of our surnames but both, and while we were both there at the same time, and with no other friends, a rare event. Even the staff were amazed and gave us a side plate each on the way out as a memento! The web shows Dunn Bennett & Co. were part of Royal Doulton, and their makers marks can be found here: We've turned over many more restaurant plates since then but no more Dunn Bennetts have been spotted.
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