Reconnected 30 years later

In the 1980's, my 1st husband & I were working and living in a caravan park in a Perth suburb of Western Australia. At the time I had a 2 yr old girl. One day I was in the Laundry of the van park when a young man apparently was there to do his laundry as well. This man asked me how to work the washing machine, which I apparently showed him, we spoke very briefly,(no flirting, I was happily married then)! In 2005 I divorced my husband (Tony). Fast forward to 2007,I am back living in NSW on the other side of the country again. I met a man on a dating site named (David), became just conversational friends and didn't physically meet for another 6 months when I moved to Brisbane for a job from NSW. After dating for 2 years, I moved in with David and during one evening when I was showing him my old photo albums before I packed them away into a cupboard, I came across a photo of me taken during the 1980's while I lived in Perth. I hadn't told David about my time in the Caravan Park, we were just randomly talking about the 80's era of our lives. On seeing this photograph of me, David then asked if I'd ever lived or visited this Parks Laundry matt, giving the exact name of the park as Gwelup Caravan Park in Karinyup Road, Gwelup (a suburb of Perth in W.A.) When I said yes, I had lived there for 18months, David was able to describe my daughter, who was 18months old, and what I looked like, he said he always remembered me because I was so friendly and helpful to him. He had been on a random road trip while still single with 2 mates and had driven from one side of Australia to the other (N.S.W to Western Australia). I didn't see David again until both our marriages had broken up and we met randomly online. He also said he had often thought of me over the years and wondered about me. He said he'd never forgotten me. Now happily married since 2016, we often finish each others sentences & think of each other just before we telephone each other or a txt arrives. We even can be driving along in silence when out of the blue I will say something that I had just thought about or vice versa and the other is absolutely floored because the other had just been randomly thinking of that exact same thing.. we still 'do that ' to this day.
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