In 1979 I met a guy in college in Los Angeles. We dated and fell in love. He was in NROTC, and 6 months before he was to leave for parts unknown with the Navy, he broke up with me, 1981. I was the right girl at the wrong time. Five years later he married, and I married a year after that. Fast forward to 2001, I discovered online that we both lived in Virginia, about 30 minutes from one another. His wife and I have the same name and are both born in the same month, (9 days apart) although one year apart. My husband and my former boyfriend both have birthdays in February, with dates that are 3 days apart. I live in a subdivision that has my former boyfriend's name in it, as do several other subdivisions nearby. We have emailed recently (2017) and have discovered we both have always loved one another all these years.
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