Probably being saved from serious car accident

I had a Volvo V50. Although it's by far the most common volvo model in my country, you don't see one very often. I owned it for 3 years and always took great care of it. However, few month prior to selling it, I did not pay much attention to the maintenance anymore. One day a weird sound started coming from the front right wheel. I was somewhat busy at the time so I did not pay attention to it thinking that I simply care too much about everything all the time. I thought the tire did it, it happens. Few days later, I was sitting at McDonald's next to the motorway when I got a strange call. It was my mechanic, who had never called me before, saying that my car is ready after service. He was also saying something about wheels but I can't remember what it was. I was quite surprised and told him that my car is next to me on a parking lot. It turned out the he had another customer with the same surname, model and engine type. I am curious what color his car was, but I forgot to ask and considered it just a funny coincidence. Another few days later, the sound got much worse but I just kept going. I live in a small town and was going to the store. I met my neighbor on my way out and he told me there was a car accident on the road intersection just behind our house. I have lived here for 10 years now and I remember one car accident (and it was not really an accident, some guy just hit the sidewalk with his front bumper). The crossroad is tricky though. I have always wondered there had not been more. When I was going from the store I decided to visit my parents which meant to drive through that intersection and – although I was thinking of taking other way around – I did. The accident was about a motorcycle which hit a red Volvo V50. Next day I immediately took my car to a service to perform a quick check. There was literally kilometers left before the wheel would have fallen off due to worn out bearing. Funny thing is that I did not want to go the mechanic who called me ever again because of their mistake during service I ran into another life-threatening situation few months earlier.
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