Premonition? Coincidence?

It was my 11th wedding anniversary and my mother stayed overnight with our kids . The following morning my husband and I were having breakfast in the hotel when my husband started talking about the new pistol that he had bought. I was not even interested and was just kinda not really listening about it. He noticed this and said “listen, you need to know how to use this gun Incase something ever happens to me and I can’t use it. You need to pull really hard from the front.” So to appease him, I said “okay pull hard from the front.” Then the subject changed and we went on with our day. Early evening we arrived home and I went in to see our kids while my husband had some things to do outside and feed our dog. We owned a smaller house on our property that we rented to a family friend. They had a large Labrador mix dog that was about 10 years old. The dog was pretty sketchy. Had taken food from my 3 year old sons hand a few days prior so I brought my kids inside and really didn’t think anymore about it.othef than the dog had been attacking our year old lab several different times but the owner had been home when it happened and he quickly stopped it. Labs are typically excellent dogs. I don’t know what was wrong with this one. So suddenly my mom said aaaghhh!! that freaking neighbor dog is on your porch attacking the puppy again! So I went to the door and it wasn’t attacking our dog, it was attacking my husband! And my husband is a big guy, but the dog had ripped both of his forearms open and his skin was hanging loose off of his arms. He was holding the dog off as best that he could but it had been going on for several minutes before my mom heard the commotion, so by now my husband is struggling . The dog sounded like a viscous bear. I’ve never heard anything like it before, I went to get a gun from inside the house but then I sudddnly remembered that my husband had that new gun with us earlier and as I ran passed my husband and the dog, I saw that the pistol was in the back of my husbands pants. I was so afraid but I grabbed the gun and as I put my hand on the gun to cock it, I heard my husbands voice inside of my head saying “grab from the front and pull hard” my mom yelled “she’s got it cocked” at this point he suddenly got a bit of adrenaline running through him and was able to get the strength to hold the dogs mouth open and I shot twice through his open mouth. The dog dropped and so did my husband (from exhaustion.) was taken to hospital to have his arms repaired. So basically if he had not told me that morning , how to use the gun, I wouldn’t have heard a voice saying it again in my head that night, and he could possibly have died. Strange that he would have thought to tell me how to use the gun in the first place, but six hours before I really did have to use it.
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