post script to the post spiritual connection

I watched the Jonathon Ross show today on 'catch up tv' as when it was on last night I was on the lap top in another room typing my post (something I had been meaning to do since the article was featured in the mail on Sunday a few weeks ago - being a teacher, I have only just got round to it as it is half term and I was having a clear out of the old paper I had kept for this reason.) I discovered when watching it today that Keira Knightley was on talking about her latest film which it turns out is based on Jung and Freud - looking back at the time I was writing my post referring to Jung and Freud, this would have co-incided with the time she was talking about it on the programme shown last night. I had not previously known who was on the programme, what her film was about or had any intention of making the additional reference to what I knew about Jung and Freud until I started writing the post.
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