The Planet Vulcan

I went through about a year period of time where I was posting in a local internet forum and I would randomly bring up a topic or a theory I had or anything really, and within a week or two, sometimes days, something directly related to it would happen in the real world. This could be in the form of an article on a mainstream newsite coming out related to it, which most of the time I would find by accident. One of the single craziest ones was while I was doing some reading about ancient gods, I came across the Roman god Vulcan (2018-09-15 ), who I had never heard of. I noticed some similarities to the god of the Bible so I made a little post comparing the 2 (2018-09-19) and unbeknownst to me at the time, several news articles came out that day announcing we discovered the planet Vulcan. They'd be too numerous to name but since they are all posted on a forum, the proof is documented. Well, all the ones I posted about at least. Many more happened that were not documented beforehand. A recent one that comes to mind is I was looking at the meaning of the number 1488 and working on something related to it. I was hungry but I kept putting off getting food for hours until I decided to take a break and went to McDonalds. I usually get the same thing every time but I was really hungry and decided to get an extra burger. The total was $14.88
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