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My parents lived in Australia 1968-71 and my eldest brother was born there, they then returned to England and settled in Derby in a suburb named Chaddesden where I was born. Several years after moving there my mother was looking through photos of Australia and found a picture of my brother standing next to the mail boxes of the block of flats they lived in (204 The Avenue, Parkville, Melbourne, Victoria) in the background was the entrance to the block of flats and the name above the door was Chaddesden. My parents had never realised and only called it by the number and road name. I have google earthed! Chaddesden and the only places I can find in the world called Chaddesden are the area in Derby that I used to live, some roads in Dronfield Derbyshire that are obviously named after the area I used to live as there are other road names that are the same, and one road in new Zealand which was named after someone who went from Chaddesden to live there. I have tried to find why the flats my parents lived in were called Chaddesden and other than there had previously been a house on the site of the flats with that name have not managed to find why but think someone must have moved from Chaddesden when it was a small village to Australia, built a house and named it after a family connection and by coincidence my parents lived in the flats then moved to England and to the suburb of Chaddesden.
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