Peter and Joan.

Whilst on Madeira in1994 we with four others went on a Jeep Safari. One of the other couples were PETER and JOAN from Clitheroe in Lancashire. Joan worked at a doctors surgery. We got quite friendly with them. Fast forward to 2007. We are on holiday in Scotland and arrive in Oban from Mull looking for accommodation at the Tourist Information Office. They direct us to a guesthouse further inland which has only that week started taking visitors. That night we decide to dine in. At dinner we meet the only other guests a couple who are staying just the one night. We quickly discover that they are PETER and JOAN and that they come from Clitheroe in Lancashire. We start to relate our Madeira experience as a coincidence only to find that JOAN 2 is a friend of JOAN 1 and works in the same doctors surgery. Both couples had been firm firm friends for many years.
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