"Personal" Coincidences

I. [John Doe] Williams, Haley Joel Osment, and the D.C. Sniper Shootings Haley Joel Osment, the main child actor in the 1999 movie The Sixth Sense, and the late [John Doe] Williams of my hometown share the same birthday with me. Mr. Williams was once a Sunday-school teacher of mine in my hometown. I also remember his congratulating me with a “Nice Game” or something like that after one of my outdoor soccer games when I was in high school. Mr. Williams passed away around the time of the D.C. Sniper shootings, which shootings, among other issues, significantly impacted my life. II. License Plates I have been randomly assigned license plates in my past on one occasion with “666” on the plate and on another occasion with “DMB” on the plate. “DMB” is an acronym for the Dave Matthews Band and I believe may also be a registered trademark of that band. I once had season tickets for home University of Virginia (“UVA”) football games with a small group of UVA alumni. One alumnus in that group had worked for the Dave Matthews Band in its early years, and I personally viewed memorabilia she had received from that band through her work experience with it. III. My Grandmother’s Death I have contributed two posts to the website dailyspeculations.com. My recollection with a high degree of confidence is the issue as to the source of macroeconomic profits mentioned or discussed in those posts first came to me (that is, “popped into my head”) just as I received a phone call that my maternal grandmother had passed away. IV. 1999 1. A childhood friend of mine from my hometown recently let me know that [John Doe] Bost, also from our hometown and also an University of North Carolina Law School (“UNC Law School”) graduate like myself, had passed away. 2. The late [John Doe] Bost has a cousin. I lived with the cousin of the late Bost one year (1998-99) in a house while I was attending UNC Law School. After I had moved into that house, I first learned from the cousin of the late Bost that he and the (now) late Bost are cousins. 3. [John Doe] Love and I were once summer law clerks together in 1998 in South Carolina. When I later lived with the cousin of the late Bost as a housemate during law school, I first learned from the cousin of the late Bost that [John Doe] Love and the cousin of the late Bost had been roommates (or had some other similar living arrangement) once in college. 4. a. Jennifer Garner from my hometown tragically died in a car accident when she and I were teenagers. Before her death, I had learned through “gossip” that she once had a “crush” on me (I do not recall the exact word or quote) when she and I were small children. She has a brother named Greg. Her parents attend (or previously attended) a Methodist church in my hometown. I assume that Jennifer, like myself, was raised as a Methodist (though at different churches in my hometown). b. My understanding is the actress Jennifer Garner is a Methodist. She starred with Jennifer Love Hewitt in a television show in 1999, and Ben Affleck, her ex-husband, starred with Courtney Love in a movie in 1999. [John Doe] Love got married in 1999. Further, I was given the nickname “Batman” from a former colleague of mine when I used to work at the U.S. Office of Government Ethics (“OGE”). I first began to work at OGE in 1999. Ben Affleck, the ex-husband of Jennifer Garner, has played the role of “Batman” I think in at least a couple movies in recent years. (I am aware that the Jennifer Garner who was and, in some sense, still is in my life is the late Jennifer Garner from my hometown and not the actress Jennifer Garner.) Still further, as mentioned above, I contributed a couple posts to the website dailyspeculations.com. Another contributor on that website is the father of Michelle Williams, the once girlfriend of the late Heath Ledger, who once played the role of the “Joker” in a Batman movie. Related to the name “Williams,” please also see, among other coincidences in my life unmentioned here, “I. [John Doe] Williams, Haley Joel Osment, and the D.C. Sniper Shootings” above. 5. a. In 1999, I first became more interested in a Hall of Fame professional tennis player as compared to other tennis players as a result of a coincidence when I was a spectator at one of his matches in a senior tennis event in or around Atlanta, Georgia. While preparing to return serve immediately before the serve, the Hall of Famer turned his head and looked with an extended gaze (maybe for a couple seconds?) in my general direction in the stands just as I was yawning. From my experience playing competitive junior tennis in my youth as well as watching professional tennis on television, my understanding is a player rarely looks away once he or she has taken his or her position to return serve as the Hall of Famer did. I thought then as I do now that the Hall of Famer MAY have caught me yawning during the middle of his tennis match. b. Soon after I had ordered a t-shirt from his website, the Hall of Famer suffered a fall and received treatment at a hospital in 2012. The Hall of Famer’s business partner contacted me through email to inform me about problems with my order after his fall. If I remember correctly, the business partner said in his email that the Hall of Famer’s website had gotten flooded with internet traffic after his fall and that, as a result, certain information about my order had been lost. The business partner was able to fulfill the order with effective customer service.
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