People I Have Worked With

I worked with someone for 10 years and discovered a number of curious similarities. Our mothers share the same name - Sylvia. His father was an amputee, as was mine. His birthday was the same as my husband. We had just one child each, both girls with names beginning with 'C'. Finally, we were both working/living in New York during 1976 although we never met while there. Also, while in New York in 1976, and in the course of my work, I had contact with a travel agent who, noting my accent, mentioned he had a relative who was currently living in the UK - in Surrey did I know it? Yes I said, I'm from Surrey but it's a big place. Well he said, my relative lives in a place called Sanderstead. I was born in Sanderstead I replied. It turned out this relative of his lived in the same road I was born in.
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