People in common

I have lived in Canada for 40 years, and once travelled to the UK for an exhibition at the Telford Exhibition Centre. There was a false fire alarm and we all had to evacuate the building for about one hour. In the crowded parking lot I spotted someone from the west of England whom I knew somewhat from a previous year's show. While we were talking he spotted a friend of his, introduced him, and told me that he lived near Southampton. I asked him where exactly, and he replied Fawley. I said that an old University friend D***** V****** lived nearby in Dibden Purlieu, which I imagined was quite close to Fawley. He said "His son was in my Scout troop". I said "I also have a cousin D***** P****** who I believe lives in Dibden Purlieu, though I haven't seen him since 1951". He said "He is my partner in an engineering business". Both were later confirmed as true.
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