Pan Mun John

In 1984 i was working on the construction of a new pharmaceutical manufacturing plant in South korea close to the N Korean border at a place called Balan. This new business park was in a agricultural area (the middle of no where) and about a 3 hour drive north from Seoul (no highways then). One morning i had a call from the now completed reception area informing me that i had a visitor and so glad of the break i wandered down to reception to find an ex colleague who had got stranded in Seoul for a few days. In the reception of his hotel he had read an article about the new construction site for his ex company and decided to get someone to drive him (3hrs) to take a look. On getting there and seeing a completed office block he thought he would pop in to see if he could talk to someone as his current company could supply products materials we would use in that Plant. He was amazed to find that when he introduced himself as having worked for our company many years before that i was based there. I was shocked to see him as the location was remote you would not go there on any tour and also that by shear fluke he had been grounded in Seoul again not a popular destination in the early 80's and again by shear fluke he had picked up a magazine with an article about this new venture. I hope this is of interest but i am sure you have had thousands of other chance meetings just strange as mine
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