A pair of Jaguars

A few years ago I bought an immaculate 46 year old Jaguar XK120 sports car . Although it was to be garaged I wanted the extra protection of a dust cover so I telephoned one of the two companies that were advertising a car-specific customized service . "Good morning. I'd like to order a dust cover for my car , please." "Certainly , sir , what make and model is it ?" " Its a 1954 Jaguar XK120." " Very rare . Very nice . Yes we can produce a cover for that model. What name shall we put on the order ?) "Moir _ spelt - M O I R ." (Slight pause in time .) "But you already have a dustcover on order with us . You called us last week and placed the order ." "No I didn't _ this is the first time that I have ever called your number ." "Well I have it here _ Jaguar XK120 _ name Moir ! " "Moir ?? are you sure ? " " Yes sir _ Moir _ a Mr D. Moir " "Wow ! I am Derek Moir _ but I have never called you before today ! It must be another D. Moir !! _ with another XK120 !!!! " The man in the dustcover shop agreed to telephone his first D.Moir , giving him my phone number , and D.Moir (1) telephoned me . We had the expected conversation which revealed that his name was Duncan (his wifes name was Linda _ as is my wife's name !) and he had just bought his XK120 . We could not trace our lineage back to a common ancestor _ but agreed to meet at the next Classic Jaguar Car rally _ to explore the coincidence further . He never showed up ! Moir is not a common surname . There can only have been 50 or so XK120's on the road in the UK in the year 2000 _ when this event took place .
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