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We saw our next door neighbours from the South East walking down the street in Edinburgh where both families were on holiday. They mentioned to us the previous Christmas that they had never been to Scotland but were thinking of visiting. We on the other hand would stay in Edinburgh once a year. Our neighbours were in Edinburgh for one day of their Scottish holiday.
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A mobile scanner service visited the hospital where I worked in North West London. One colleague, a man from South East London greeted a patient who walked in and said 'hello mate' as if greeting a long lost friend. The patient had actually taught my colleague in another part of the country some years previously. The mobile service was with us for 7 weeks and during that time we scanned about 200 patients, not all from the local area. This seemed a remarkable coincidence.

I first worked as a radiographer in PET imaging 20 years ago. At the time, there were 3 centres in the UK where this then research technique was used. I went to dinner at a hotel one evening in Russia, thinking that I would once again struggle to explain to fellow tourists what I did for a living. Sat opposite me was a lady who knew what I was talking about because she had been secretary to a professor in the field who worked at one of the three facilities.