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Just been inspired by your 'Tails you win' on BBC four so thought I'd share this recent visit to an opticians here in Lancaster. I've had some weird coincidences in Lancaster not least the random mobile phone number I received which includes the area code of Lancaster randomly given to me 3 years ago, my 11 digit number is 07757 015246, the local code is 01524 but this localised coincidence continues. On Monday the 14th March 2022 I had a rare day off and wondered what to do with it. After dropping my children of at school, I went into town, ( This itself is rare as I normally take my dog for his daily exercise, but on this day I had to drop my wife at her work so had taken the dog out earlier that morning). After wondering around looking for something to do I went past this old optician's called Taylors, which itself is rare as I have no business in this part of town. I've lived in Lancaster for 20 years and thought ' I can't believe I've never been in this shop at all and I do need some varifocals for reading as I've been having some problems and so I thought why not? I entered the shop at 10am and met The proprietor a George Theobold who had been testing Lancaster's eyes for nearly 50 years, it was a quaint shop old fashioned and independent that really is antique looking.<br /> We discussed several styles and then George had to serve some customers and left me to look through the frames at the back of the shop. I found the style I wanted , ironically first one picked by George, having seena lot of faces with glasses knew this would suit my facial features. I must have only been in the shop for 20 minutes or so but eventually George returned and we confirmed the style of glasses required and I was asked to go to the counter and confirm an appointment. As I gazed at the counter I noticed the old style till that had been there as long as George by the looks of it and we had a chat about it. I really liked the till it was like that old till in ' open all hours ' and I randomly thought of my neighbour Simon Thomas who had an old fashioned telephone from a similar era and had one of those ironic laughs about the comparisons. George interrupted my reverie and asked me for my address and telephone number. Like many other people in Lancaster he had a rye smile as he wrote 07757 01524...and before he could write down the full number his telephone rang. I said I'm in no hurry so answer it and I'll wait. Then the maddest thing happened as I was waiting I heard snippets of the conversation George was having and laughed out loud as the appointment being booked was for a Simon Thomas of 37 Coverdale Rd, the very neighbour I was just thinking about . I interposed and greeted my neighbour and all three of us completed the address and postcode simultaneously. Absolutely random, at the start of the day I had no plans for the day, I didn't know of George or had set foot in his opticians in the last 20 years and the very moment I did and all the random coincidences that led to me being in exactly the same place and same time as my neighbour phoning for spectacles as well. Simon confirmed later that he had also never booked or been in the opticians before and had picked the telephone number randomly using the local directory to get the number and call George at exactly the same time as me on the same day at the same minute I was confirming my appointment was frankly rather bizarre and extremely weird. I don't know what the odds are, but they must be very high.
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