Open by Christmas

I had been driving past a scrap of land for weeks in the city centre that had been flattened ready for some sort of development. I had always wondered what One day I found myself walking past and saw two isolated workmen - motionless, leaning on their spades. As I walked the remaining 100 yards or so along the path to the point closest to them, I became frustrated by the lack effort going into the project. It bothered me that I didn't know what the land was to be used for or when the building work would be completed and vowed to find out some how. At the exact moment that the thought entered my head one turned to the other and said 'Well Frank, we'd better get a move on if these shops are going to be open for Christmas' around the boundary, , I became I began think again about what the site was to become and when it would open. At that exact moment
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