The One Family

When I was a kid in 1995 I went to school with a boy he was the only other Indian kid in my class. In around 1997 he moved to another suburb/school. That year when we were at a close family friends apartment and I ran into the boy and his sister. They had moved into the apartment below my family friends apartment. Forward to 2001 on an overseas trip to India, we saw a school photo of the boys dad at my mums cousins house. Turned out the boys dad had gone to school and was friends with with my mums cousin. We started seeing less and less of the boy and his family until we got invited to the boys sisters wedding (around 2010) at the wedding my mum met a lady that looked familiar. Turned out my mum had gone to school with this lady overseas and were next door neighbours (back in India). The ladies brother was now marrying the boys sisters. So many coincidences with one family! Feels like we were always meant to meet. I wonder what other coincidences the future will hold.
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