Notre Dame day

>15th April, 2019 (yesterday ) was my worst day for months, probably for years. I felt physically and psychologically absolutely down. I was to lie on a field motionless for I don´t know how long, as if someone was about to die. Late in the afternoon I decided to go to a church to confess ( what I had not done for a long time ). I entered the nearby Catholic Church at appr. 18. 00, confessed and remained seated in a bank staring and semi-consciously listening what the priest was to say. I left at appr. 19.00. The first news I learned was that the Notre Dame. was burning; the fire started while I was in the Catholic Church . Even more thought-provoking could be the fact that I started the day with guitar-playing. I played loudly, window open, the famous song of the German Protestant Revolution. (later sung by nationalistic as well as by socialistic movements ). (It was not only this song I was playing, but this was the one that I played the loudest, repetitively and at last. I was singing it even later, on my bike. ) "Spearmen ho! Forward go! On the castle roof let the Red Cock crow Spearmen ho! Forward go! On the castle roof let the Red Cock crow. " (What metaphorically meant: put it on fire ! )
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