Norfolk Broads Miracle

At the time of the Queens silver jubilee in 1977 I was in Horning, Norfolk, 250 miles from home. I was spending a few days on the Broads, on my father's boat with a friend of mine. One day we were driving back to the boat after lunch at the Ferry Inn. As we drove this short distance we came upon 3 girls thumbing a lift. We stopped and gave them a lift. They were on holiday with their parents on a boat, moored near ours. We quickly invited them back to our boat for a few drinks on this lovely warm afternoon. When we exchanged details of where we lived. I found that one of the girls lived only quarter of a mile from me and the other two lived in a small village that I had lived in a few years before. We had never met before but had acquaintances incommon I would love to know what are the chances of meeting someone in this way, so far from home who lives so close. My home town has a population of 90,000. We were 250 miles from home, only away for 3 days. All of us were only at Horning for that one day. There is a lot more to this story – I became engaged to one of the girls. We enjoyed a short period of utmost happiness but then my world was shattered by deep enduring tragedy and sadness that remains with me to this day, which should remain private. I would simply like to know what the chances were of the meeting described taking place. I believe the chances must be enormous and that the meeting was intended and orchestrated by a benign paranormal power.
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