No wallet, no problem.

I wanted to impress a beautiful young woman whom I had met at a dance in Augusta, GA. We were 17 and lived 20 miles apart. I took her (in my powder blue 1959 MGA roadster) to a new, fine dining, hilltop restaurant in North Augusta, GA. on a beautiful summer evening. The only other diners were three elderly folks two tables away. I'm 70 now. They were probably in their early 60's. As we looked over the menu, I was amazed at the prices-way higher than I had ever seen in any restaurant. I simultaneously wondered if I had enough cash-even my parents didn't have credit cards back then-to pay the bill, AND I realized that I had left my wallet at home! I ordered the cheapest thing on the menu. She ordered the most expensive. We had a very nice conversation, getting to know each other, as I thought of how I might get myself out of trouble with the restaurant owner. Finally, I had to ask the waiter for the check. He brought a folder, opened it and declared that it was a paid receipt because the other table had paid the bill. I thanked them and warmly shook the hands of the two sisters and their brother. I really wanted to hug them. They told me that they enjoyed seeing nice young people having a nice dinner rather than participating in less respectable activities. Less respectable activities like drinking and dancing, which we enjoyed for the next 6 months or so.
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