Next Door Neighbours

In 1989 I was moving to NYC from rural Ireland to become a high school teacher. Just before I left I bumped into a cousin of mine in the nearby village. We chatted and, knowing I was going to NY, she said, in all seriousness, that maybe I would meet the cousin of her husband that lived in NYC. I sniggered internally at the absurdity of such a thing happening. Fast forward a couple of months and I was settled into life at the school when one of my new colleagues asked, 'Do you know someone called Anna in Ireland?' With the same internal sniggering I'd indulged in on the previous occasion I said, with some understatement, 'Well, that's a fairly common name in Ireland, do you know the surname?' upon which he replied, giving me my cousin's surname. I went all cold inside. It turned out that my new colleague and my cousin's husband's cousin were long-time next door neighbours. Subsequently, I visited with him and was taught never to be dismissive of such occurrences happening.
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