A newspaper date coincidence

In the early 1990s I was living in an upstairs apartment in an old three-storey house in the small town of Liverpool, Nova Scotia, Canada. The rest of the building was commercial space and it had not been a residence in many years. One day, with time on my hands, I started poking around in the attic, looking through old cardboard boxes that I suppose had belonged to previous residents. I found toys from the 1950s, tax returns from the 1930s, and so on. One box was lined on the bottom with a complete edition of the Halifax Herald, published in the nearest city. At the time I was working as a journalist so of course I pulled it out to take a look. The date on the paper was May 3, 1969 - the day I was born. There were no other newspapers in the attic. I'm unsure how unlikely a coincidence that would be, but I saved the newspaper and I still have it, 20-some years later.
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