New Orleans Freaky Photo Coincidence

My family & I were on a fly-drive holiday around the southern states of America in April 2011. One of our stops was in New Orleans for the French Quarter festival. On one of the days we decided to take an alligator swamp tour, and on the night we took the Grear’s Point ferry across the Mississippi to see the evening’s bands and celebrations. While making our way down Bourbon Street through the crowds watching the various bands, street acts and other entertaining events were going on, there were hundreds of people enjoying the festivities. On our way home we caught one of the last ferries back, only to find there were no taxis, and because we had an English mobile number they wouldn’t take the call seriously. After a rather frustrating wait we asked an American couple who were also waiting and calling a cab whether they could call us one too which they kindly did. We all began chatting while we were waiting, when one of them suddenly said they recognised me. Looking on their camera there were two random photos of myself on Bourbon Street several hours before standing at the centre of a crossroads! They had also decided to take the same swamp tour a few hours after we had where they had a picture of an alligator with the same marks as we had seen with our guide, and were from a part of Alabama that we were heading to next!!
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