Neighbours crashing into the same car

A friend of mine was visiting me with her car parked outside my house (this was in my parental home in Inverness about 1988), and another visitor, who was visiting my parents, didn't spot her car when leaving and reversed into it to completely denting one of the drivers door. Then, the next day (there's a chance it was a few days later, hazy on this detail) the same friend in the same dented car was in a car park in a completely different part of town, and someone reversed out of a space and dented her passenger door in almost an identical way. So she now had a matching pair of dents. That's not even the coincidence though.. It turned out that the 2 people who had, on separately occasions, dented a door each of her car, are in fact next door neighbours. That's it.
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Date submitted:Sat, 14 Jan 2012 09:00:24 +0000Coincidence ID:3597