Neighbor I knew so much about but never met

Growing up my mom used to talk about this guy she dated before my dad. His name was Chip. That wasn't a nickname, just his name. She said he was great. I knew lots about his family, even having never met him because of how they went to the same school and grew up visiting each other's houses. After they broke up, she got together with my dad and Chip a girl from a different school. Both new significant others didn't like the idea of ex's hanging out and so they lost track of each other. Over the next 27 years many thing happened. I was born, we moved around a lot. My mom never heard from or saw chip again. When I was 25, my husband and I purchased a house. This house was 3 hours u to the country, away from the city area my mom lived as a kid. We went around meaning the neighbors and one of them was named Chip. Not a nickname, just his name. I kinda chuckled and said I had only ever heard of that not being a nickname one other time, this guy my mom dated before I was born. He laughed and said, well what's your mom's name? Turns out, it was the same Chip. Adding to the coincidence, I would also learn that the preacher across the street worked with my grandmother on my father's side years prior.
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