Nappy & Horse Race - 50 years and 90 miles apart

About 15 years ago I joined the local (Cambridgeshire) Institute of Directors. Their first outing was to Newmarket Races, with a coach provided from near Huntingdon Racecourse. Whilst waiting my wife & I chatted to another couple. It turned out that him & I were both born in Hanworth (Middlesex) about 5 years apart. His mother & my father worked together during the war (not friends just wartime acquaintances). In 1944 my grandmother was bombed out so my parents went to see her and left me (their tiny baby) with with this work acquaintance. This Newmarket travelling companion had clear memories of helping to change my nappies in 1944. Our parents never kept in touch after the war and it is doubtful we ever met again following the nappie changing until by the side of the road over 50 years later and 90 miles away. We did ensure our parents met again after all these years - they did confirm the nappie changing incident.
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