My moms death and anniversary

My mom passed away April 2, 2017 from a brain aneurism. The previous day I was at her house picking up my son. I dropped him off with my husband then went to work a graveyard shift at a coffee shop. The regular coffee drinkers were telling me about the guy that bought my old house which my mom gave to me but my husband and I returned to her so she could sell it. They told me he hanged himself in the backyard. I thought they were playing an April fools joke on me but they kept saying nope it’s not the first anymore. I got chills and was creeped out. I left work at 5am. I drove by my moms house on the way home. I thought about stopping to tell her about the guy at the house because I knew she would have some thoughts on it. Then I thought nah I don’t want to wake her up. When I got in front of her house I noticed her bedroom light was on. Then I realized the flashing meant it was the tv. I thought she must have fallen asleep with the tv on. And I went home. My husband went to work at 6am. The kids were awake so I turned on cartoons and dozed off on the couch. For some reason my husband had a police scanner he just randomly would listen to. It was turned on and right near my head. I slept through the cartoons and scanner. At around 8am I wake up from my sleep because I hear the scanner say ambulance run and my moms address. I grab the kids jump in the car drive over. My dad tells me they found her passed out on her bedroom floor. Sometime, 2011. I’m working for a video game company remotely from another state. Igeton calls for meetings and a coworker keeps picking on my voice. She jokingly demands proof of age because I sound like a child to her. I’m actually older than her so I joke back that I’m going to call her mom if she doesn’t stop. She doesn’t stop so I call her mom whenever I’m talking to her. Few months later I end up relocating to be near the company for a job promotion. We meet in person. I still call her mom. March 2013, we are about to do a major relaunch on a game. We are in the conference room looking at the calendar trying to pick a date. I say anything except April 2 is ok for me. My boss says what’s April 2nd? As I’m saying my moms death day, my coworker that I call mom says “my birthday”. The entire room looks at us confused and thinks I’m joking calling her mom when she’s obviously not my mom. I thought she was joking as if she replaced my mom when she died kind of joke. Once we realized neither of us were joking we all had goosebumps. 2014, she married a guy that shares a birthdate with her fathers death date. 2017, I remarried a guy that shares her fathers full name.
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