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I found a house I really liked and used an agent through Zillow to pursue the purchase. This house was exactly what I was looking for (a coincidence in itself). The agent and his broker, however, did not want to sell me the house. Months went by while my agent hemmed and hawed. There were repairs needed and they just thought it was too risky, so the agent bailed on me and referred me to the listing agent. I finally got an offer in through the listing agent and the exact same day, another party put a a cash offer on the house (I was getting a mortgage) for $1K higher than my bid. When I found out their offer was accepted, I thought all hope was lost for me to obtain this house. But about a week later, the couple pulled out of the deal, finding a more suitable property for them out of state, and the seller signed my backup offer. I'm happily living in the house now, but find it very strange that on the EXACT DAY our offers were submitted to the seller, after MONTHS of delay in my attempt to obtain the property.
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