My First experience of a coincidence

When I was a kid My Mum said she was taking me out to a kids club/play group I had an instant thought that I was going to see a class fellow from my school there her name was Donushka a Sri Lankan girl, I was right when I got to the venue she was there this was my first experience of a meaningful match. What are the chances bearing in mind could of been any class fellow, or even the fact that a class fellow would be there at all. Throughout my life I've experienced messages in my dreams, But most lately I am experiencing unusual coincidences, I could be reading something, or say something and the exact words will be said at the exact time on a different device, For example I was commenting on a holiday apartment to my Mum the other day, I said it looks like its by the sea at that exact moment an advert came on for a program called by the sea, I said it at the exact same time as it was read on TV. Another I was reading an article online in the article of news there was a sentenced that I read it contained the words Gods Plan at that exact time my daughter was searching you tube for a song called Gods plan I read and she spoke at the exact same time. I find it happens the most when Im not expecting it. These occurrences happen frequently mostly through Radio, Tv and my laptop.
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