My favourite band

So first of all, I absolutely love music ,I listen to music all of the time and have many favourite singers and bands but when it comes to my all-time favourite band, it will definitely be "cigarettes after sex".I fell in love with this band as soon as my roommate introduced me to their music and it has been now over three years of being a big fan.One more thing that I do a lot in my time is watching YouTube videos . Actually I have many favourite channels but one of my favourite top three channels is "good mythical morning" by Rhett and Link who I am also a big fan of. So anyways I was once watching one of their episodes and they sang one of their favourite country songs by Brooks and Dunn which was "neon moon".I loved the song and searched for the lyrics,I found the name of the song , downloaded it and it became one of my favourites (it was my first time to know brooks and Dunn) .After about only two months ,I was scrolling down my Facebook feed page and I found that my favourite band just released a new single.I listened to it and to my surprise to was a remix for the very same song that I kept listening to the past few months with the very same name "neon moon".
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