My complete Name

I was feeling real bad because I had lied to my girlfriend about a place I was going. So I was having a hard time sleeping. I kept waking up so I got my phone a started reading. I was reading a Quora Digest article online about the 10 ten guitarist. The #10 Lenny Breau I had never heard off so I looked him up on ITunes. He has over 20 albums so picked one at random. In the song titles was my full name but the kicker was the the song titled it's a sin to lie. Lenny Breau- Boy wonder 1. I'll see you in my dreams 2. Cannon ball rag 3. John Henry 4. It's a sin tell a lie Etc etc My name is John Henry Cannon and my girlfriend calls me Cannon ball. By the way I have been having a high rate of coincidences happing at this time
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