my childhood friend lives in childhood home of cousin's friend

I graduated high school 30 years ago in NH and hadn't seen my friend Katie until several years ago when my daughter and I spent Christmas in CA, staying in my cousins' house and visiting Katie and other friends. Katie's husband is a radiologist. We spent some time at their house before going to Disneyland. Two years later, I was flying to Boston and then driving to see family in NH. My California cousins were there, but the teenager's friend had a delayed flight and missed the bus to NH, so they asked if she could drive with me, since they knew I was coming the next day. Of course. On the drive we started talking, and I mentioned I had been in her town a couple years ago, and mentioned my friend's house was near the highway. She asked which one. I said, I think it's the 210, and it was along a wide avenue. I described a few more details, and she said that's where I used to live. I described the house, and she said, I think that's my old house- it was a radiologist who bought it. I handed her my phone and told her to look up Katie M's address. She did, and it was her old house.
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