mutual dreaming

I've had 4 mutual dreams that I know of. I'll summarize them below. Feel free to ask any questions :) Sorry if it's a long (and boring) read 1.) The first one i had was when i was 15 and i was sleeping over a friend's house before i was about to move away to another part of the country. we had always talked about writing a comic book together, but we never did it. so in my dream, we were "building" like a comic book together (but i guess it was more like a movie). We didn't see each other, it was just like we had disembodied voices. then it got kinda weird, because i kept trying to make the characters do sexual things (i think this was probably because i had a crush on my friend). when we woke up in the morning, my friend told me she had a dream we were making a comic book. i said omg me too, and we talked about it a little more. then she was like 'ok, but then you got weird at the end.. why did you do that?" lol 2.) During another sleepover when i was 17, my friend and i both dreamed that we were at some ho-down, dancing and spinning around with our friends. when we woke up, she told me about it first. 3.) This one isn't confirmed, but I think it was a mutual dream. So when I was a freshman in college, there was some sexual tension between me and my bf's roommate. i went to a religious college, and there was a time in the late morning where everyone was supposed to go to their dorms and pray, but most people (myself and my bf's roommate included) would just nap. while i was napping, i had a dream me and my bf's roommate were having sex. he was super into it, but actually really bad (lol). i woke up thinking it was weird that i had an erotic dream that was really boring and unsatisfying, lol. then later that day, i went to the cafeteria where he worked, and he came up to me looking really sheepish, and was like "please tell [your bf] that it wasn't about you... there was some girl i knew in high school with the same name as you, and that's who i was dreaming about!!" and i was like "what are you talking about?" and he was like "oh, he hasn't told you yet??" and i said i hadn't seen him yet that day. he said that he was napping during prayer time, and he started moaning and screaming out "my name, but not my name" and my bf got so mad at him he punched him while he was sleeping, lol. since it was such an awkward situation and the guy was so embarrassed, i of course didn't mention my dream i had at that time, but I'm pretty sure he was having the same dream about me, despite his protestations. 4.) my last mutual dream didn't happen until many years later. i had a dream that my mom and our close family friends were in kind of a gross abandoned basement, like an apocalyptic kind of situation. in my dream, we were being chased by zombies who were also two people who had stalked/harassed me in college. my mom emailed me that day and described the same dream, except in her account, she didn't note that the zombies were those specific people. actually, recently my mom and i both had dreams we were traveling together on the same night, but the details were pretty different, and in her dream it was rather pleasant, while mine was more of a nightmare.
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