Musical Destiny

I belong to a fraternity in NJ, I had heard of a brother of a friend(John)of mine being on his death bed. Fast foward about 4 to 5 weeks, I don't hear anything, so as I left work one Friday, I said I'm going to call a mutual friend (Daryl) and inquire of the health of Johns brother. Within 5 minutes my own brother calls me and I never make the call to Daryl,. I get home, wife is making dinner, as I often do I try to expose her to the music I listened to while growing up. As I sat down a kitchen table, and asked Alexa to play 1st Stepponwolf, and then Ten Years After, at the moment 'I would love to change the world 'plays, I get a call from Daryl (total 20 minutes from my thought to call him) I look at my wife and say, I have to take this, I solomnly answered the call, and Daryl says 'Tell me your sitting at home on a Friday, with nothing to do'. Being thankful it wasn't bad news of Johns brother , I said sure what do you need. He proceeds to tell me he needs help as he brings in a new member. I said ok, I'll be there by 7:30, call ends, I return to dinner and resume the song I was listening to (Ten Years After ) then I get ready, suit and all and drive about an hour. While the event is taking place I hear the president say 'Mr Lee, please state your name.' The candidate then says 'I , Alvin Lee ...."mind blown, though not the same person as the founder of Ten Years After. The coincidences that happened to me in the space if 90 minutes was astounding, Gene
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