Multiple Coincidences in My Life

1) Grandmothers - Father's Mother - Elizabeth Ann<br /> Mother's Mother - Elizabeth Ann </p> <p>2) Father, Grandfather and Uncle - Father's Birthday - 18th December<br /> Mother's Father's Birthday - 18th December<br /> Mother's Brother's Birthday - 18th December </p> <p>3) A woman who worked in the same office as myself had the same Christian Name, same Middle<br /> Name, same married name and if that was not enough we also had the Same Birthday. </p> <p>4) Fireplace Renovation<br /> In my old house I wanted to install a cast Iron fireplace. The copper hearth surround was sold to me<br /> by an Antique shop owner called Andy. The person who gave me the cast iron fire was a fireman<br /> called Andy and the person who gave me the slate fire surround mantle piece was also called Andy. </p> <p>5. i. We have just sold our house to a family from the other side of the country who we have only met<br /> once during the viewing. On the date of House completion I discovered that the husband of the<br /> couple has family with the same Maiden Surname as myself. </p> <p> ii If this were not enough, I have just discovered that the person from whom we are buying our new<br /> home is my 3rd cousin. The vendor's father was my father's first cousin. </p> <p>6. First boyfriend his birthday when added up came to 1978. My birthday when added up comes to<br /> 1978. Further to this, our handwriting was virtually identical and when I had to copy up notes for<br /> school work he would help out and do some of the writing for me. </p> <p>7. My Grandmother was supposed to have travelled home from America upon the ill fated Lusitania<br /> but could not gain passage as the passenger quota had been met which meant she had to get<br /> another ship home. </p> <p>8. Stalin's birthday is the same birthday as my father. Stalin's death is the same birthday as my<br /> mother. </p> <p>These are just 8 points of coincidence but I have many more. Two, three or four coincidences in life are understandable. Twenty plus is getting creepy.
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