Multiple coincidences since moving countries

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I first visited Australia in 2014 to complete a 2-month placement for my Masters degree, and moved here for good a year later. Since my first visit, a number of coincidences have happened which, despite not being superstitious, have made me feel I belong here. Here they are: </p> <p>1. My Masters placement was in Melbourne but I had two friends in Queensland who I planned to visit while I was in Australia. One friend lived on the Gold Coast, the other about an hour away in Brisbane. These friends did not know one another - one I've known since high school, the other I first met in my early 20s - she stayed for a summer in London with a good friend of mine. I planned a trip to visit them both in their respective cities. Both friends had met Australian partners, one of whom was in hospital at the time of my visit, having been in a severe accident which had made the news. I recounted the story to the second friend, who said "we know him". My friends' partners had grown up together in the same part of Queensland and their families were close. </p> <p>2. A friend invited me on a night out in London a few days before I moved to a Melbourne for good. Funnily enough, we went to see a Melbourne-based band as a friend she met whilst travelling in Australia 8 years prior was in the band. We met her friend in the pub for a drink first, went on to the gig had a great night. </p> <p>A couple of weeks later, having arrived in Melbourne and not knowing many people, I went for a coffee morning at the house of a woman who I had been introduced to by email in my last week in my London job by a colleague who had recently returned from Australia. At the coffee morning, I mentioned the gig I had attended in London in passing. The host said "my son's in a band that has just toured in the UK" It turned out the host was the mother of the band member I had met on that night out in London two weeks prior and I was drinking coffee in the house he grew up in. </p> <p>It gets weirder: about 18 months later I was settled in what is still my job now, and received post addressed to the woman who had hosted the coffee morning. I asked my boss about it and it was the same woman - it turned out she used to do my job about 15 years earlier. </p> <p>3. I met my current partner in 2018 having been in Melbourne for 3 years or so. We discovered that we had lived next door to one another when I first came to Melbourne in 2014. </p> <p>4. My brother and his girlfriend visited me from the UK for Christmas 2019 and while he was here, a friend we grew up with got in touch to say he was visiting Melbourne from New Zealand and suggested we meet up. I checked if my brother and his partner would like to come and he said "it's funny, we were asked for directions by someone who reminded me of that friend this morning, but of course I thought it couldn't possibly be him". Turned out it was!
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