Mrs H

I used to work in an office counting the change from Charity Boxes. One day, I saw a coin and thought it looked strange. It was a penny and the colour wasn’t the same as the others. I picked it up and it was a brand-new 1p from 1971, the year I was born. It had no scratches or dints n dings in it, it was as new. I was amazed, so I replaced it with a larger value coin and kept it for luck... Then one day without realising it, I scooped it up with a lot of other coppers and changed it where I worked for a bigger denomination, forgetting the coin was there. I realised I had lost it and be-moaned my carelessness. I obviously hadn’t looked after it properly, so it’s my own fault i’d lost it.... Cursing my ill-luck, I was counting a different charity box several months later and I thought that coin looks weird... As I picked it up, a voice in my mind said, look after it this time.... So I replaced it again and took it home and made sure I never lost it again... There where 7 cash tills and five charity boxes where I worked, but somehow that coin came to me, went back into the system and came back to me again... I’ve always lived by adage:- See a penny, pick it up All day long, you’ll have good luck. Pass it on, to a friend May this luck, never end....
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