Mrs. Diana George (nee Latchem)

In the mid-70's my husband and I were living in Sunderland. My husband invited a work colleague and his wife to meet us for an evening meal at a pub. Getting to know his wife we got to talking about our surnames before we were married. I said, 'you will probably not have heard of mine as it is quite rare - it is LATCHEM'. 'Well,' she said, you won't believe it, but it is mine as well. Like all families, there is a romantic story, and ours was that one of the sons of our ancestors who lived in Somerset, ran away with the local Squires daughter to Northern Ireland, and where did this new friend come from, Northern Ireland. In those days there was not a lot of interest in heritage, as there is now, so of course we have lost contact. How I wish I had kept in contact.
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