A few weeks before Xmas 2012, I bought my first ever Beige Corduroy Jacket and on wearing it on 2-3 occasions was asked by friends jokingly, "when's the chemistry lesson going to start?" or "you look like a school teacher".......I pointed out to them that for the full "teacher look", the jacket needed leather sew on patches on the outside of the elbows.....they all agreed. In between Xmas and New Year my wife and I, had the onerous task of emptying the house of my recently passed Mother-in Law, whilst sorting out one of the rooms, my wife opened a drawer and then excitedly said, "you'll never guess what I've found here", I turned to see her holding an unopened pack of one pair of leather sew on arm patches.......the hairs on my arms stood on end for a moment, before we both burst out laughing seeing this "find" as sign of approval from our departed parents for the task we had undertaken on their behalf.
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