Mothers Death.

Around 1988 my mother used to allow a New Zeland cricket professional lodge at her home for 2 seasons. He was the professional for the local cricket club my brother used to play for. After he left and returned to New Zeland there was no contact with him. My mother mover houses approx 3 years later and my brother bought her house where she used to live when the cricketer lodged with her. Approx 6 years later my mother passed away at 2am in hospital. At 8am on that day the cricketer rang her former home telephone number and my brother who now owned the house with the same telephone number. The cricketer said he was looking through a box from his attic at home in New Zeland and he came accross my mothers phone number so he decided to ring her after all these years. This was the first time for many years he tried to ring her and she actually passed away approx 5 hours earlier. She was in the uk and he was in New Zeland.
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