Mother-in-laws early meeting!

I took my then girlfriend now wife of 30+ years home to meet my mother. On meeting you could sense that my mother was slightly twitchy about something but she couldn't work out why. She asked Julia, my girlfriend "What's your mothers name" and was told Topsy Woodwark which didn't mean anything to her at all. Then with no prompting and completely out of the blue my mother said "Elizabeth Glendinning" which blew Julia away because those were indeed her mother's christian and maiden names. It transpired that my mother and future mother-in-law had shared a cabin for three weeks at the age of ten on a banana boat as they were evacuated to the West Indies in 1939/40. They never saw each other again as my mother went to live in Trinidad and go to school in Barbados and Topsy went on to school in New York. They grew up completely separately, got married, had children and then their children met at University and got married. Weird or what!
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