Mother and daughter buy identical lipsticks

In the early 1970’s our family had returned to Coventry, UK after living many years in Pietermaritzburg, South Africa. My mother and I were not particularly close and certainly didn’t have “girlie” conversations. One evening she mentioned that she had bought a lipstick but it was only available in a long slim cylinder and not the short squat cases that she liked. I mentioned that I actually preferred the long slim cases and that I had also bought a lipstick that day, but mine was in the short case. She showed me hers and it was the exact same make and colour as mine, so we swapped and got exactly what we wanted. Bearing in mind there are 1,000’s of colours of lipstick and many manufacturers, the likelihood of us buying even the same brand would have been coincidental, especially as we didn’t discuss things like this.
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