a most recent coincidence

Hi. In April 2009 I experienced a number of coincidences which led me to visit a Tibetan shaman in Pokhara Nepal. After performing a puja the shaman left me with instructions, the last one being if the coincidences start increasing, come back. Well they did increase, quickly, and there was an event I identify as synchronicity, a unification of sorts with a 2700 year old spirit who was a shaman and was buried in Turpan, XinJiang Province. I emailed Stanley Krippner then and told him there were six characteristics I shared with this spirit. He said only three were interesting to him. That was the last time we had contact. Since 2009 I have recorded most of the significant coincidences in journals or blogs. The most recent was last week. I believe, like Jung, that the reason behind coincidences is the active world of spirits, whose rules are not known to us, obviously, but do at times intervene for reasons I know sometimes but not always. Last week 13 November before I left for work I read this daily prayer from the website catholic.org, a prayer for the faithfully departed. I didn't think anything of it, I read a prayer from this website every day. That afternoon at the college where I work, I learned a colleague had died. John was 60. I knew him only for two months. I prayed this prayer not knowing for a second that a colleague who I spoke with every day would be dead. And in April of this year while I was in Leuven, Belgium studying, I got a facebook posting from my cousin Larry who was wishing me well and said to an extent, we mom and I love you, come back soon. In response I posted Train's song 'calling all angels' on his facebook wall. The next day Larry was walking in downtown Pittsburgh and suddenly dropped dead. I told his mother perhaps I was calling angels to be with Larry because my spirit knew Larry's time was almost done and he'd need some angels. I know I cannot prove anything the existence of the active spirit but I believe they are behind the coincidences.
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